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The One With Princess Consuela

Rachel's lunch interview with Gucci turns out to be right next to her current boss's table. She doesn't get the new job; she loses her current one. Meanwhile, Ross is given tenure at his job and his happiness makes Rachel's misfortune even harder to bear. While moving her stuff out of Ralph Lauren, she bumps into Mark (who caused all the jealousy seven years earlier); he now works at Louis Vuitton and once again knows of a possible job opening for her. Phoebe contemplates changing her surname to Hanigan. Once she find's out she can change her name to anything she wants, she chooses Princes Consuela Bananahammock, leading Mike to threaten to change his name to Crap Bag. Monica and Chandler take Joey to see their new house. He tries to convince them not to go through with the purchase, until the little girl that lives there helps him understand. Rachel gets a job offer... in Paris.

瑞秋赢得了Gucci的面试机会,可面试时,她的顶头上司就坐在她身后。可怜的瑞秋没去成Gucci, 反倒把 Ralph Lauren的工作给丢了。
瑞秋遇上当年那个马克,他介绍给她去Louis Vuitton,瑞秋会为了这份工作去巴黎吗?




Rachel: Hey you guys... You're never gonna believe it. This headhunter called me. I have a meeting tomorrow with Gucci. Gucci wants me.

Ross: I'm up for tenure.

Rachel: Congratulations!

Ross: You too! What are the odds?



美国大学里的正式教师职位统称为Faculty,分为三级,即助理教授(Assistant Prolessor)、副教授(Associate Prolessor)和正教授(Full Professor or Prolessor)。美国的助理教授不是终身的,几乎所有美国大学都规定:在助理教授被聘用的五年内如果没有被晋升为副教授,则必须离开该校。在美国的一流大学里,一半的助理教授将被大学的“终身职”(tenure)制度淘汰掉,只留下最优秀的,成为“副教授”。在多数大学里,当助理教授被晋升为副教授时,学校将给予其终身教授职位(俗称Tenure)。此后直到退休前,学校将不能解雇其职位,除非本人愿意离开该校。这一优越性是任何公司所没有的。

美国大学里每位教授(所有各级教授)都能组成独立的研究小组(Research Group)开展其研究工作。在美国,研究生的学费和生活费多数通过从事教学助理(Teaching Assistant,简称为TA)或研究助理(Research Assistant,简称为RA)来解决,部分美国学生采用向银行贷款的方式解决。对于有充足经费的教授,在需要更多研究人员时,就用自己的研究经费招收研究生、博士后、讲师或访问研究人员(如Visiting Assistant/Associate Professor或Researcher或Research Assistant或Research Associate等等)。

What are the odds?也可以说成:What’s the odds?(彼此彼此!那有什么关系?那有什么要紧?)It makes no odds.(没有多大差别,没有多大关系,无关紧要。)这里,根据上下文,也可以理解为:What a coincidencc!That’s amazing!The same to you!中文译为:“真巧啊!多么凑巧的事情啊!”



本集中,Chandler和Monica为迎接即将到来的baby,买了新房子,准备搬家。而Ioey终不肯接受这个残酷的现实。 Monica和Chandler带Joey去着专门为他留了一个房间的新家。 Joey准备借此机会去挑挑新房的毛病,鸡蛋里挑骨头,因而,劝说Chandler和Monica留下来。

Phoebe: Joey, you can't make someone do something they don't want to do. Believe me, there's something I've been trying to get Mike to do in bed and there's... he's just...
Mike: Woo-wo-hey-hey-hey... Can we not talk about that right now?
Phoebe: All right, prude... Look, Monica and Chandler really love this house. You are not gonna talk them into staying here.
Joey: Hey, hey... I can convince people to do anything, you know. I bet I can even get Mike to do that "thing". What is it?


convince常构成的句型有convince sb.to do sth.(说服某人做某事)和 convince sb.of sth./convince sb.thac...(使某人相信某事),例如:

The teacher convinced the naughty student to apologize to his roommates.



It took many hoHrs to convince the court of his guilt.



·The reality conyinced me that life is not a bed of roses.



You don’t need me to talk you into this,do you?

Come on!

What are you waiting for?

Go for it!

Now or never!(勿失良机)

I insist...

If I were you...

My suggestion for that Would be...

If you like,it wonld be a good idea to...

Think aboht it!

I just don’t see why we shohldn’t have a try.

Perhaps you should think it over before you decide.

Look before vou leap.(三思而后行)

Let me tell you the reason why you should do this.

It doesn’t hurt.why not just do it?


You may have a point there.

You’ve got a polnt there.

Maybe you’re right.

Perhaps in this case,you’re right.

Whv not?

I’ll buy that.

I’ll go along with that.

I supposc you’ve convineed me.

You’ve talked me into it.

If you really insist...

I am coming to think of it...

I won’t say no to it anymore.

It seems that it doesn’t hurt if I do it.

I couldn’t see why I didn’t do it like what you sild earlier.

How can I turn down advice like that?



本集中,Phoebe为改从失姓,去“户籍科”改名,得知原来名字可以随便改。于是异想天开的Phoebe就把自己的名字改成了Pnincess Gonsuela(康斯薇拉公主),多亏Mike给自己想出了一个更绝的名字Gnap Bay(废物袋儿),这让Phoebe在向朋友介绍自己丈夫名字的时候,非常尴尬,这下才算治住了Phoebe。

Mike: If you need an easy way to remember it, just think of a bag of crap.
Rita: Okay. Excuse me...
Phoebe: Yeah... Ogh... Okay, fine. You made your point. Can you please just be Mike Hannigan again?
Mike: Only if you'll be Phoebe Buffay.
Phoebe: How about uhm... How about Buffay-Hannigan?


You made your point.相当于You may have a point there.或You’vc got a point there.意思是“你说得有道理。你说得对。”


·I don’t see your point.


·That’s hlstory.I don’t see the point of arguing about it again.


·There’s no point in crying over spilt milk.


此外,在日常对话中,如果对方拐弯抹角(beating about thle bush),不谈正题(beside the poinnt),或者东拉西扯,你就可以说:

Come on!Stop beating around the bush and get to the point.


What are you driving at?(你究竟是什么意思?)

So,what are you trying to say?(你到底想说什么?)

What are you getting at?(你到底想表达什么意思?)

Get to the point,Would you please?

So,what’s your point?

I didn’t get it.What are you talking about?