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The One In Barbados, part 1
The gang (including Phoebe's boyfriend, David) travel to Barbados for Ross and Charlie's conference. The constant rain prevents most of the gang from enjoying their time on the island. David is worried he can't compare to Mike; Chandler tells him Mike's failing was that he was against marriage, so David decides to propose to Phoebe. Monica, knowing Phoebe is still hung up on Mike, tries to undo Chandler's meddling with some of her own, and calls Mike asking him to step up. Chandler accidentally erases Ross's keynote speech, so Ross and Charlie stay up all night together to rebuild it, while Rachel and Joey have fun crashing the neighboring pharmaceutical convention. Ross and Charlie learn that they have a lot of fun together, and a lot in common -- including ex-es who turned out to be gay. Rachel is about to tell Joey how she feels about him, but they're interrupted. David begins to propose to Phoebe, but Mike shows up and proposes first. Phoebe says no, but gets back together with him, knowing that now they can have a future together.

The One In Barbados, part 2

The weather in Barbados is finally nice, but only during Ross's speech. Rachel and Joey giggle over the term "Homo-Erectus." After the speech, while it rains again, Monica and Mike get into a ping-pong match and their competitive sides really take over. Monica hurts her hand, so Chandler finishes for her -- and wins. Joey and Charlie realize they don't have anything in common, and break up. Joey learns of Rachel's feelings for him, but doesn't feel he can do anything about it because of Ross. Meanwhile, Ross and Charlie spend more time together, and realize their feelings for each other. They kiss; Joey sees them, and decides not to let Ross stand between himself and Rachel. He returns and kisses her.


经典对白之一:9-23-1 情变


本集中,古生物研讨会(a Paleontology congenence)在巴巴多期岛(Banbados)举行,Rss要在研讨会上做演讲。于是他邀请另外五人前去捧场,还持“费劲”地为他们搞到了通行证。


Ross: Ok, I gotta say. I mean, it means so much to me that you guys are coming all the way over there to hear me do my speech! UH! And I've a surprise, uh... I had to pull some strings but I was able to get everyone passes to the entire conference! That's right! (he gives them their passes) This babies will get you into all the paleontology lectures and seminars.

Rachel: Do you have anything that would... get us out of them?


pull the strings/wires(for sb.)的意思是“走后门,凭借私人关系、间接压力等为某人谋取好处。”例如:

·His father pulled a few strings to get him the admission to the famous university.

pull the strings/wires的另一个意思是“幕后操纵或牵线”(control events or the actions of other people)其实,如果大家联想一个木偶戏里的puppet或marionette(牵线木偶),那么,它的意思也不难猜到。

如果我说:“Pigs might fly.You must be pulling my leg.”这句话如果被直译为“猪或许能飞,你肯定是在拉我的腿。”的话,恐怕会让人啼笑皆非。事实上,它的意思是说“那根本不可能发生。你肯定是在开玩笑罢了。”这里的pull sb's leg多用于非正式口语当中,其意思为“开某人的玩笑(尤指使其信以为真)”You must be pulling my leg.就相当于:You gotta be kidding|joking.

每次等公车或者火车回家的时候,看见车辆驶进站牌或月台,头脑里面有没闪现过这样的句子:The train/the bus is now pulling into the station/stop.This one-way ticket will take me to the place where I belong,where I always look forward to going.(火车/公车现在已经驶进月台/站牌。这张单程车票将带我到一个我属于的地方,一个我一直都向往的地方。)这里,pull into the station/stop或pull in(to sth.)就是指“车辆进站,车辆驶近某物”又如:The bus No.708 pulled in to the side of the road.

在电影里,你或许会看到这样的场景,男主角超速开车奔向机场为了挽留住女主角,并向她表白。这时他的车后面就会紧跟一辆警车,并不停地喊:You are overspecded.Pull your car over!它的意思就是“你超速行驶了。把车停靠到一边。”又如:Hey,buddy!You are in my way.Come on!

Pull your car over and let me pass.(嗨,老兄!你挡着我的道了。快点儿!把你的车先闪到一边,让我过去。)

如果你的朋友因生活中屡次遇挫,很不得意,显得有些消沉、颓废时,你可以劝他说:Hey!Pull yourself together.This is not the end of the world.No matter what happened,I will always be beside you.(嘿!振作起来。这又不是世界末日。不管发生了什么,我都一直会在你身旁。)那么,pull oneself together的意思就是“振作一些,控制自己”。此外,pulltogether也有“同心协力,通力合作”之意。例如:·
After going through the defleat,the team really began to pull togetherand face another bigger challenge.(经历了失败后,团队开始真正地团结起来面对更大的挑战。

经典对白之二:9-23-2 两人同时求婚



David: That's great! That's great! I-I'll propose to her!

Chandler: What?

David: Well, I was probably going to do it at some point.

Chandler: I didn't mean now...

David: Why not? It's brilliant! (talking to an imaginary Mike) Goodbye Mike, we'll see you at the wedding, fella! (pause) well, we probably won't invite you to the wedding... (to Chandler) Thank you, Chandler. Sincerely.


propose在这里的意思是“求婚”。propose to sb.即“向某人求婚”。例如:

Owing to the lack of self-confidence,he hesitated to propose co his dream lover.(由于缺乏自信,他一直犹豫不决是否向他的梦中情人求婚。)那么,应该何时求婚呢?(When to propose?)

(1)When you are pretty sure that you've found the right person.(当你确认你已经找到了你的终生伴侣。)

(2)Get the permission from your future in-laws.(征得未来岳父、岳母的同意。)

(3)Select an appropriate time.Don’t plan on proposing when she is stressed or blue.(挑选恰当的时候。不要在她压力大或是心情郁闷的时候行事。)

(4)Make sure you’ve purchased an engagement ring with diamond.(确保你已经买好了订婚钻戒。)
万事俱备了,如何求婚呢?(How to propose?)

1.如果你已经找到托终终身的对象,就得开始想要在哪里求婚了。是在豪华餐厅的饭桌旁,还是在山顶上,或是在巴黎铁塔上跪下来求婚呢?无论你选择哪里,都尽量寻觅一处值得回忆的(memorable)、难以忘怀的(unforgettable)、有意义的(slgnificant)地方。比如:the place where you first met and got the chemical feeling,or where you first kissed each other,ete(你们初次见面并有触电感觉的地方,或是你们第一次接吻的地方。)

2.Try to create a romantic atmosphere.(尽量营造一个浪漫气氛。)比如说,你可以在情人节(Valentine's Day)那天,手捧一大束玫瑰花(a big bunch of roses),再在一个雅致(fancy)的餐厅定一个烛光晚餐(candlelight dinner),晚餐后冉点一个心形的巧克力蛋糕(heart-shaped/cordate chocolate cakc).

3.Sincerely speak out your promise/pledge/vow.(真诚地说出你的求婚誓言。)然后在这浪漫气氛中拿出钻戒,或是事先把钻戒放进巧克力蛋糕里等等来求婚:愿意嫁给我吗?(Would you marry me?)如果对方同意,那么就把钻戒给她戴上。西方人把订婚戒指戴到ring finger上。而我们中国人通常把订婚戒指戴到middle finger上,西方人等到结婚时会把结婚戒指也戴到ring finger上去;而我们通常在结婚时,才把结婚戒指戴到ring finger上。


第24集经典对白:9-24 阴雨连绵的假期

本集中,几人本打算到巴巴多斯岛(Banebados)去游泳、晒太阳,好好享受一下阳光和沙滩。但谁料正好赶上了阴雨连锦的日子。他们不得不呆在房间里,无聊至极。好不容易盼来了艳阳天,准备带上杂志、防晒霜去游泳。但他们却不得不先去给Ross捧场,听他在古生物研讨会(a paleontology congenence)上的演讲。这些“外行们”根本听不懂,也没心思听演讲等他们“忍受”完了演讲,冲出去游泳时,

Monica: The sun is out!

Chandler: Hey! Remember when I had corneas?

Monica: Ok listen, you go down to the pool and reserve the chairs, and I'll get the magazines and the lotion.

Chandler: Ladies? Ross's speech is in 45 minutes.

Rachel: Nooo!


suntan lotion是指“晒日光浴用的护体乳液”,属于suntan skincare(日光浴皮肤护理)其中之一。例如:
·YOH need suntan 1otion to protect VOUr skin froln suntan.

·She likes sunbathing on the beach.

suntan可做动词,表示“晒黑,晒成褐色”(to become brown or tawny from exposure to sun.)例如,

Without any UV protecti on whitening lotion,she suntanned quickly.

Exposing herself to the sunshine,she got a good suntan.

Westerners prefcr suntanned skin.



然而。或许是因为“篱笆那边的草更绿”(Grass is greener on the other side cfthe fence.),人们总是想要得到别人拥有的东西。祖籍欧洲的美国人往往有着天生的、令东方人羡慕的雪白皮肤,但她们却想拥有被阳光晒黑的那种肤色。到沙滩上,晒在太阳底下,让阳光把皮肤晒成古铜色或棕褐色,这已经成为一种时尚。同中国有美白化妆品相反,夏季到来,美国超市的货架上放满了美“黑”霜、美“黑”油,它们有助于阳光将你的皮肤变成古铜色。如果你问欧洲的化妆品专柜要美白产品,例如:Olay UV (Ultraviolet)protcctlon whitening lotion(玉兰油美白防晒霜)之类的化妆品,不但无功而返,而且会被人看成很weird(奇怪)的一件事情。