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Want to prepare for your next job interview?

Start thinking about how you'd fare in a zombie apocalypse.

Sometimes, interviewers just want to get a sense of how well you're able to think outside the box.

That's why it's not too surprising that some of the most successful executives out there like to ask some pretty weird questions during job interviews.

Here are some of those oddball questions.

1. 'On a scale of one to 10, how weird are you?'
1. “如果给你自己的古怪程度打分,1-10,你会打几分?”

One of Zappos' core values is to "create fun and a little weirdness," Tony Hsieh, CEO of the company, tells Business Insider.
美捷步公司(美国的一个鞋子品牌)的核心价值文化之一是“创造乐趣和一点古怪”。这是美捷步公司的首席总裁Tony Hsieh告诉Business Insider网站记者的。

To make sure he hires candidates with the right fit, Hsieh typically asks the question: "On a scale of one to 10, how weird are you?" He says the number isn't too important, but it's more about how people answer the question. Nonetheless, if "you're a one, you probably are a little bit too straight-laced for the Zappos culture," he says. "If you're a 10, you might be too psychotic for us."

Another question Zappos usually asks candidates is: "On a scale of one to 10, how lucky are you in life?" Again, the number doesn't matter too much, but if you're a one, you don't know why bad things happen to you (and probably blame others a lot). And if you're a 10, you don't understand why good things always seem to happen to you (and probably lack confidence).

2. 'What was the last costume you wore?'
2. “你上次穿的是什么衣服?”

It doesn't matter so much what they wore, but why they wore it. If the candidate's reasoning matches Warby Parker's core value of injecting "fun and quirkiness into work, life, and everything they do," they might have a real shot at getting a job there.
其实问题就人们穿什么来说并不重要,重要的是他们为什么要穿这样的衣服。如果面试者的推理过程与Warby Parker公司的核心价值观相符合——“给工作,生活,以及他们所创造的一切融入乐趣与多变”,那么就很有可能拿下了这个工作机会。

"We find that people who are able to make the job environment fun build followership more easily," the company's cofounder and co-CEO David Gilboa tells Iris Mansour at Quartz. "If we hire the most technically skilled person in the world whose work style doesn't fit here, they won't be successful."
“我们发现,如果人们能够营造舒适欢乐的工作环境,他们常常也更容易建立良好的人际关系。”这是Warby Parker公司的创始人及首席总裁之一David Gilboa在Quartz网站上对Iris Mansour的回复。“如果我们聘用了世界上技术最出众的员工,但是他的气场与公司的氛围一点都不符合,那么他们也不会取得成功。”

3. 'If you were an animal, which animal would you be?'

"The animal kingdom is broad, and everyone can identify with a specific animal they think embodies their own personalities and characteristics," Stormy Simon, president of Overstock, tells Business Insider.
“动物王国的范围非常广泛,而每一个人都能找到一种特定的动物来表示他们本人的个性。”Stormy Simon是Overstock的总裁,接受Business Insider记者采访时说道。

"There are so many different human traits, where in the animal kingdom they put themselves, and why, really gives insight to the person answering the question. For example, just because you love dogs doesn't mean you would identify yourself as a dog," she explains.

Good answers, she says, are where the candidate picks an animal that they think truly personifies the traits that set them apart. "People have often chosen the same animal as other candidates, but the traits they describe have never been the same," says Simon. But they're not all good answers.

4. 'What do you want to be when you grow up?
4. “你长大了想当什么样的人?”

Stewart Butterfield, the cofounder of Flickr and chief executive of Slack, likes to ask job candidates this question we've been answering for our teachers and parents since we were kids.
Stewart Butterfield是Flickr网站的创始人之一,同时也是Slack公司的首席执行官,在给求职者面试的时候,他喜欢提出一些我们小时候曾经回答过老师或家长所提出的问题。
"Good answers are usually about areas in which they want to grow, things they want to learn, things that they feel like they haven't had a chance to accomplish yet but want to accomplish," he tells Adam Bryant of The New York Times. "A very short answer to that question would be automatically bad."
他告诉《纽约时报》的记者Adam Bryant:“好的回答通常都是围绕着他们想要成长的环境,他们想学习的知识,以及那些他们觉得没有机会实现但希望去实现的事情的。简短的回答一般都不奏效。”

5. 'What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?'
5. “如果把你放在僵尸启示录的场景里,你会怎么做?”

This seems like a ridiculous question to ask, but it's posed to every prospective employee at Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, a national restaurant franchise. Ashley Morris, the company's CEO, says it's the best way to learn how candidates react under pressure.
虽然这个问题看起来很荒谬,不过Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop这家遍布全国的连锁餐饮店,却把这个问题贴出来让每一个潜在员工思考。

"There really is no right answer, so it's interesting to get someone's opinion and understand how they think on their feet," Morris explains. "The hope is that for us, we're going to find out who this person is on the inside and what's really important to him, what his morals really are, and if he'll fit on the cultural level."