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[00:00.00]喜欢hxen.com,就把hxen.com复制到QQ个人资料中!47.Showing Interest
[00:-1.00](1)A;Are you interested in foreign languages?
[00:-2.00]B:Yes,I am.I have been studying English and Japanese for years.
[00:-3.00](2)A:What are you interested in?
[00:-4.00]B:I am interested in Chinese cooking.
[00:-5.00]A:Really?So am I.
[00:-6.00]48.Not Being Interested
[00:-7.00](1)A:Gambling is not my cup of tea.
[00:-8.00]B:That's a wise attitude.It's really just a waste of time and money.
[00:-9.00](2)A:There is a football match this afternoon.
[00:10.00]B:But I think football is boring.Football just isn't my thing.
[00:12.00](1)A:It is a beautiful day.Would you like to take a walk?
[00:13.00]B:No,I'd rather stay at home than go out
[00:14.00](2)A:I think during the holidays you can stay at home reading novels.
[00:15.00]B:I prefer doing something useful outside to staying at home reading.
[00:16.00]50.Expressing Willingness
[00:17.00](1)A:Will you sing at the party this evening?
[00:18.00]B:Sure,my pleasure.
[00:19.00](2)A:Would you mind helping me with this problem?
[00:20.00]B:I'd be happy to.
[00:21.00](3)A:Excuse me.I was wondering if you'd be willing to switch seats with me?
[00:22.00]B:Switch seats?
[00:23.00]A:Uh...yes.If you'd be willing to,I'd really appreciate it.
[00:24.00]B:All right.
[00:25.00]A:Thank you very much.
[00:26.00]B:My pleasure.
[00:27.00]51.Expressing Unwillingness
[00:28.00](1)A:Let's go and find a restaurant to have dinner.
[00:29.00]B:I don't really want to.I have something important to do right now.
[00:30.00](2)A:Any chance you could give me a lift to the shopping center?
[00:31.00]B:Sorry,but I'm not going that way.
[00:33.00](1)A:Do you support an open policy?
[00:34.00]B:Absolutely yes.We will face a totally new economic situation.An open policy is the only way to go.
[00:35.00](2)A:Do you favor the plan to build a new library?
[00:36.00]B:Personally,I entirely approve of the plan.The college has been needing a new library for years.
[00:37.00](3)A:How about if I pick you up at about seven?
[00:38.00]B:That's fine with me.
[00:40.00](1)A:Do you approve of children smoking?
[00:41.00]B:Definitely not!I don't even approve of adults smoking?
[00:42.00](2)A:I'm certainly not in favor of what he has done.What do you think?
[00:43.00]B:I don't know the details,but it sounds bad.
[00:44.00](3)A:Do you approve of the way I organized the English Salon?
[00:45.00]B:In all honesty,it could have been better organized
[00:47.00](1)A:Do you like your office,Miss Wang?
[00:48.00]B:I'm very pleased with it.
[00:49.00](2)A:Well Done!Kim.I'm really satisfied with your work.
[00:50.00]B:Thank you,Mr.Gates.It's very nice of you to say so.
[00:52.00](1)A:Do you believe that she plans to stay here for more than three weeks?
[00:53.00]B:I have no doubt about it.She always wears out her welcome.
[00:54.00](2)A:Believe me.I'll do my best to help you,and I won't let you down.
[00:55.00]B:OK.I take your word for it.
[00:57.00](1)A:Do you believe they'll raise our salary?
[00:58.00]B:I doubt it.
[00:59.00](2)A:They've found your book on the third floor.
[-1:00.00]B:You're kidding!I looked everywhere for it!
[-1:-1.00]A:The police officer gave me only a warning instead of a ticket because I reasoned with him.
[-1:-2.00]B:I'm not so sure I believe that!
[-1:-4.00](1)A:That guy always makes trouble for me.I'm determined to teach him a lesson.
[-1:-5.00]B:Do you need any help?
[-1:-6.00](2)A:I have made up my mind to improve my poor English.
[-1:-7.00]B:Let's make it together.
[-1:-9.00](1)A:Martin had decided to quit his job.
[-1:10.00](2)Why?I'm surprised to hear that.It is hard to find a good job.I don't think he should quit right now.
[-1:11.00](2)A:Mr.Brown,you'd better pay a deposit now if you really want this car.
[-1:12.00]B:Well,after I talk it over with my wife,I'll come to a final decision.
[-1:13.00](3)A:You know,...I've made a decision.
[-1:15.00]A:I'm going to join the army.
[-1:16.00]B:Wow!Joining the army!That's a big decision!
[-1:17.00]A:I know it is.But I've thought about it for a long time,and I've decided it's time to do it.
[-1:18.00]B:Well,good luck!
[-1:20.00](1)A:Do we have to include him in the meeting?
[-1:21.00]B:I think we are obliged to.
[-1:22.00](2)A:Sir,you have to pay a deposit if you want to reserve the room.
[-1:23.00]B:All right.A single room,please.
[-1:24.00](3)A:Would I be required to keep receipts for everything I do on my business trip?
[-1:25.00]B:Yes.You're expected to.
[-1:27.00](1)A:Have you decided to go to Australia for summer vacation?
[-1:28.00]B:I'm still hesitating.I have to make a decision before the end of this week.
[-1:29.00](2)A:We want to know how long it will take you to repair the TV set.
[-1:30.00]B:I'm not sure.I'll have to think it over,probably in three days.
[-1:31.00](3)A:Dad,can I possibly have the car tonight?I have a very important date.
[-1:32.00]B:Uh...Let me think for a minute.Well,I guess so.
[-1:35.00](1)A:I hope the meeting will be over soon.
[-1:36.00]B:So do I.It's really boring.
[-1:37.00](2)A:I hope you're not upset with me.
[-1:38.00]B:It's not your fault.Don't worry.I understand.
[-1:39.00](3)A:I'm hoping to have a day off.I'll go to the seaside,enjoy the beautiful sea,the wonderful beach and lovely girls in their bikinis.
[-1:40.00]B:OK,wake up.Stop daydreaming.We have a lot of work to do.
[-1:42.00](1)A:Do you know Bill can't come to our party?
[-1:43.00]B:Yes,I do.But I really don't care.
[-1:44.00](2)A:Did you hear about that?Mary and John got divorced.
[-1:45.00]B:I can't say I'm really interested.I think they are both sort of boring.
[-1:46.00](3)A:Do you have any strong feelings about my growing a beard?
[-1:47.00]B:I don't care one way or the other.