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疯狂英语突破句型Part 3
[00:-1.00]Top 1:Be careful!
[00:-2.00]Top 2:Be polite to the guests.
[00:-3.00]Top 3:Be specific!
[00:-4.00]A:Be my guest!
[00:-5.00]B:Thanks.I appreciate the hospitality.
[00:-6.00]A:I'm so nervous about my date tonight.I don't know how to act.
[00:-7.00]B:Be yourself.Nobody likes a phony!
[00:-9.00]Top 1:Don't move!
[00:10.00]Top 2:Don't believe him.He's a cheat!
[00:11.00]Top 3:Don't get your clothes dirty!
[00:12.00]A:Don't disturb me when I'm working!
[00:13.00]B:I'm sorry.I didn't know you were working.You looked like you were sleeping.
[00:14.00]3.Don't be...
[00:15.00]Top 1:Don't be lazy!
[00:16.00]Top 2:Don't be foolish!
[00:17.00]Top 3:Don't be childish!
[00:18.00]A:Do you think these white socks look OK with my black sandals and red pants?
[00:19.00]B:Don't be such a nerd!When are you going to learn how to dress yourself properly?
[00:21.00]Top 1:Stop fighting!
[00:22.00]Top 2:Stop it!You are hurting me!
[00:23.00]Top 3:Stop shouting-you're giving me a headache!
[00:25.00]Top 1:Keep quiet!
[00:26.00]Top 2:Keep in touch!
[00:27.00]Top 3:Keep on trying!
[00:28.00]A:Keep the door open,please!
[00:29.00]B:I can't.There are too many mosquitoes.
[00:31.00]Top 1:What bad news (it is)!
[00:32.00]Top 2:What a beautiful day!
[00:33.00]Top 3:What a drastic change!
[00:34.00]A:You know I locked my keys in the car and my little baby was trapped inside!
[00:35.00]B:What a nightmare!
[00:36.00]A:Jim and Cindy are always together and they never fight.
[00:37.00]B:What a good couple they are!
[00:39.00]Top 1:How delicious!
[00:40.00]Top 2:How generous he was!
[00:41.00]Top 3:How smart your son is!
[00:42.00]How pretty you look in that blue dress!
[00:43.00]A:Nobody took the garbage out of my office for the whole month I was away and there were rats in my office when I got back.
[00:44.00]B:How disgusting!
[00:45.00]1.I have just...
[00:46.00]I've just heard the news.
[00:47.00]A:You look great.Were you on vacation or something?
[00:48.00]B:I have just come back from America.
[00:49.00]2.I have already...
[00:50.00]I have already told you three times.
[00:51.00]A:Do you want to see Pearl Harbor tonight?
[00:52.00]B:I've already seen that movie.
[00:53.00]3.She has gone...
[00:54.00]She has gone to America.
[00:55.00]A:Hi.May I speak to Kim please?
[00:56.00]B:She's gone to work.
[00:57.00]4.I have never...
[00:58.00]Top 1:I have never heard such thing.
[00:59.00]Top 2:I have never flown before.
[-1:00.00]Top 3:I have never been to Shanghai.
[-1:-1.00]A:So,what did you think of my girlfriend?
[-1:-2.00]B:I have never seen such a beautiful woman.
[-1:-3.00]A:Watch it,buddy!You didn't need to look that closely!
[-1:-4.00]5.I haven't...for...
[-1:-5.00]Top 1:I haven't seen you for a long time.
[-1:-6.00]Top 2:I haven't studied English for a long time.
[-1:-7.00]Top 3:I haven't slept for two days.
[-1:-8.00]6.I haven't...so far.
[-1:-9.00]Top 1:I haven't learned much so far.
[-1:10.00]Top 2:I haven't heard the news so far.
[-1:11.00]Top 3:I haven't been abroad so far.
[-1:12.00]A:How is your life in America?
[-1:13.00]B:I haven't had any problems so far.
[-1:14.00]7.Have you ever...
[-1:15.00]Top 1:Have you ever been abroad?
[-1:16.00]Top 2:Have you ever tired Chinese food?
[-1:17.00]Top 3:Have you ever had a car accident?
[-1:18.00]A:Have you ever tried hot pot?
[-1:19.00]B:Yeah,sure!I'm crazy about it.
[-1:20.00]A:Have you ever been in love?
[-1:21.00]B:No,I don't believe in love!
[-1:22.00]8.Have you...yet?
[-1:23.00]Top 1:Have you eaten yet?
[-1:24.00]Top 2:Have you found your keys yet?
[-1:25.00]Top 3:Have you decided on your major yet?
[-1:26.00]A:Have you finished your project yet?
[-1:27.00]B:No,but I'll be finished by tomorrow afternoon.
[-1:28.00]A:Have you found a job yet?
[-1:29.00]B:Come on,it's tough finding a job these days.I just started looking two days ago!
[-1:30.00]1.Top 1:Traveling in China is always fun.
[-1:31.00]Top 2:Speaking in public is really a challenge.
[-1:32.00]Top 3:Asking a woman's age is impolite in my country.
[-1:33.00]A:Learning English is a piece of cake.
[-1:34.00]B:That's easy for you to say!
[-1:35.00]Top 1:Seeing is believing.
[-1:36.00]Top 2:Her job is taking care of patients.
[-1:37.00]Top 3:His favorite pastime is playing golf.
[-1:38.00]A:Her greatest enjoyment is watching TV.
[-1:39.00]B:That's why she's such a poor student!
[-1:40.00]3.You should avoid...
[-1:41.00]You should avoid making the same mistake next time.
[-1:42.00]You should avoid hurting her feelings.
[-1:43.00]4.Nobody can imagine...
[-1:44.00]Nobody can imagine his becoming an actor.
[-1:45.00]A:Nobody can imagine her doing such an awful thing.
[-1:46.00]B:I still don't believe it.
[-1:47.00]5.I'm looking forward to...
[-1:48.00]I'm looking forward to meeting you guys soon.
[-1:49.00]A:I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
[-1:50.00]B:Me too!
[-1:51.00]1.forget doing/to do...
[-1:52.00]Top 1:I always forget to bring my wallet.
[-1:53.00]Top 2:Don't forget to call when you arrive.
[-1:54.00]Top 3:Li Yang forgot seeing me before.
[-1:55.00]A:Don't forget to let me know if something happens.
[-1:56.00]B:Don't worry.We'll be sure to tell you right away!
[-1:57.00]2.remember doing.../to do...
[-1:58.00]I must remember to meet my sister at the airport tomorrow morning.
[-1:59.00]A:Do you know Li Yang?
[-2:00.00]B:I remember meeting him in Shanghai last year.
[-2:-1.00]3.regret doing.../to do...
[-2:-2.00]I regret sleeping in class when I was in school.
[-2:-3.00]I regret to tell you that your son is hopeless.
[-2:-4.00]1.I do want to go to college.
[-2:-5.00]I do hope you'll stay for dinner with us.
[-2:-6.00]I know that smaller one is cheaper,but I do prefer this one.
[-2:-7.00]A:Don't you care about what a mess you have made?Everyone is fighting and it's all because of you!
[-2:-8.00]B:I do feel sorry for what I have done.
[-2:-9.00]2.It is you who are to blame.
[-2:10.00]It was for you that I've done all this.
[-2:11.00]It was in 1998 that I met my wife for the first time.
[-2:12.00]It's not who's right that is important-it's what's right.
[-2:13.00]A:What is the secret of a successful marriage?
[-2:14.00]B:Remember this,it is not power,but love that makes a man obey.
[-2:15.00]A:How can I improve my English?
[-2:16.00]B:It is only by constant practice that you can learn a foreign language.
[-2:17.00]3.What I want is money!
[-2:18.00]What annoys me is his arrogance.
[-2:19.00]A:What are you asking of me?
[-2:20.00]B:What I need is your understanding.
[-2:21.00]A:Learning a foreign language takes time.
[-2:22.00]B:What you just said is absolutely true!
[-2:23.00]A:What you lack is courage.
[-2:24.00]B:I know,I'm just so shy.Can you help me?
[-2:25.00]1.I wish...
[-2:26.00]I wish I were 10 years younger.
[-2:27.00]A:Dad,I need to borrow fifty dollars for a school trip tomorrow.
[-2:28.00]B:I wish you had told me before.
[-2:29.00]2.If only...
[-2:30.00]Top 1:If only I had a better job.
[-2:31.00]Top 2:If only I had followed your advice.
[-2:32.00]Top 3:If only today were Sunday.
[-2:33.00]A:If only I could speak perfect English!
[-2:34.00]B:What would you do?Go to America?Get a better job?Find an American boyfriend?
[-2:35.00]3.It is(high/about)time...
[-2:36.00]It is high time you started preparing for the final exams.
[-2:37.00]A:It is about time you thought about your career.
[-2:38.00]B:But I haven't even graduated yet!
[-2:39.00]4.I'd rather...
[-2:40.00]I'd rather you told me frankly what you think.
[-2:41.00]A:I'd rather you came today than tomorrow.
[-2:42.00]B:I'm afraid I'm too busy today.What about the day after tomorrow?
[-2:43.00]5.as if/though...
[-2:44.00]He looks as if he were younger than his younger brother.
[-2:45.00]A:Does your new boss have a lot of energy?
[-2:46.00]B:He works as though he never knew fatigue.I can't keep up with him.
[-2:47.00]6.I insist that...
[-2:48.00]I insist that you go with me.
[-2:49.00]A:I insist that you let me pay for lunch.
[-2:50.00]B:Absolutely not!I invited you.It's my treat!
[-2:51.00]7.I suggest that...
[-2:52.00]I suggest that you do nothing about it for the time being.
[-2:53.00]A:I suggest that you start learning Crazy English.
[-2:54.00]B:Do you really think it will help?
[-2:55.00]8.It is required that...
[-2:56.00]It is required that every student(should) wear a school uniform.
[-2:57.00]A:It is required that everyone (should) attend the meeting.
[-2:58.00]B:Damn it!I wanted to leave early this afternoon.
[-2:59.00]9.It is important that...
[-3:00.00]It is important that you (should) form a good habit.
[-3:-1.00]A:What's the first step in learning English?
[-3:-2.00]B:It is important that you (should) learn pronunciation well.
[-3:-3.00]10.I'm surprised that...
[-3:-4.00]I'm surprised that Kim should have made such great progress in her Chinese in such a short time.
[-3:-5.00]A:Did you hear that Stone got caught cheating on his TOEFL exam?
[-3:-6.00]B:I'm surprised that he should have done such a stupid thing.
[-3:-7.00]11.It is strange that...
[-3:-8.00]It is strange that she should know my name.
[-3:-9.00]A:It is strange that he should leave the company when he has just got a raise.
[-3:10.00]B:I know.It makes me think he was a spy for the competition!
[-3:11.00]12.It is a shame that...
[-3:12.00]It is a shame that he should have failed the exam.
[-3:13.00]A:It is a shame that we should have lost such an important customer.
[-3:14.00]B:The boss is going to hit the roof when he finds out!
[-3:15.00]13.If I were you,I would...
[-3:16.00]A:If I were you,I wouldn't worry about it.
[-3:17.00]B:Thanks for your advice.But I'm still worried!
[-3:18.00]A:I can't imagine my girlfriend dating another man when I was on a business trip.
[-3:19.00]B:If I were you,I would have broken up with her.
[-3:20.00]14.If I did...,I would...
[-3:21.00]If I knew his number,I would phone him.
[-3:22.00]A:If I had enough money,I would buy a car.
[-3:23.00]B:Then why don't you stop talking about it and start saving your money?
[-3:24.00]15.What would you do if you...
[-3:25.00]What would you do if you were in his place?
[-3:26.00]A:What would you do if you won the lottery?
[-3:27.00]B:I'd travel around the world with my friends.First class,of course!