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大学英语六级冲刺模拟题 第九套(含答案)下

Questions 36 to 40 are based on the following passage:

The producers of instant coffee found their product strongly resisted in the market places despite their manifest (明显的) advantages. Furthermore, the advertising expenditure for instant coffee was far greater than that for regular coffee.

Efforts were made to find the cause of the consumers' seemingly unreasonable resistance to the product. The reason given by most people was dislike for the taste. The producers suspected that there might be deeper reasons, however. This was confirmed by one of motivation research's classic studies, one often cited in the trade. Mason Haire, of the University of California, constructed two shopping lists that were identical except for one item. There were six items common to both lists: hamburger, carrots(胡萝卜), baking powder, bread, canned peaches and potatoes, with the brands or amounts specified. The seventh item, in the fifth place on both lists, read “11b. Maxwell House coffee” on one list and “Nescafe instant coffee” on the other. One list was given to each person in a group of fifty women, and the other list to those in another group of the same size. The women were asked to study their lists and then to describe, as far as they could, the kind of woman (“personality and character”) who would draw up that shopping list. Nearly half of those who had received the list including instant coffee described a housewife who was lazy and a poor planner. On the other hand, only one woman in the other group described the housewife, who had included regular coffee on her list, as lazy; only six of that group suggested that she was a poor planner. Eight women felt that the instant coffee user was probably not a good wife! No one in the other group drew such a conclusion about the housewife who intended to buy regular coffee.

36.The fact that producers found resistance to their product despite the fact that they spent more advertising money on instant than regular coffee shows that ____.

A) advertising does not assure favorable sales result

B) companies spent more money on advertising than they should

C) people pay little attention to advertising

D) the more one advertises the better the sales picture

37.In this instance, the purpose of motivation research was to discover ____.

A) why people drink coffee

B) why instant coffee did not taste good

C) why regular coffee was successful

D) the real reason why people would not buy instant coffee

38.This investigation indicated that ____.

A) 50 percent of housewives are lazy

B) housewives who use instant coffee are lazy

C) many women believe that wives who use instant coffee are lazy

D) wives who use regular coffee are good planners

39.On the results of this test, the producers probably revised their advertising to show a ____.

A) lazy housewife using regular coffee

B) hard-working housewife using instant coffee

C) lazy housewife using instant coffee

D) man obviously enjoying the taste of instant coffee

40.Implied but not stated:____.

A) Despite its advantages, most people disliked instant coffee because of its taste.

B) The advertising expenditure for instant coffee was greater than that for regular coffee.

C) Very often we do not know the real reasons for doing things.

D) Taste is the principal factor in determining what we buy.

Part ⅢVocabulary (20 minutes)

Directions:There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B),C)and D). Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.

41.After leaving school, Nigel decided to ____ in the army.

A) enroll B) sign

C) register D) enlist

42.Even at that early stage the school felt that she ____ a good chance of passing her exams.

A) stood B) achieved

C) possessed D) took

43.Although the coach had not thought her a good tennis player at first, she ____ to be a champion.

A) came round B) turned out

C) turned up D) came out

44.If she hadn't ____ on the last question, her score on the test would have been perfect.

A) slipped up B) slept up

C) spilt up D) slipped on

45.The ____ of new scientific discoveries to industrial production methods usually makes jobs easier to do.

A) addition B) association

C) application D) affection

46.The government ____ the people to be economical of oil consumption.

A) call in B) call up

C) call on D) call off

47.It's possible to ____ from all the information give

n to us and to make various decisions.

A) enclose B) generalize

C) tackle D) withdraw

48.She gets along very well with everyone; so she is the most ____ member of our family.

A) rusty B) impetuous

C) compatible D) imperious

49.Immigrants, fleeing from political and religious persecution, came from nonindustrialized ____ industrialized countries.

A) also B) and too

C) as well as D) and both

50.Mary is by no means learned; nor is she good at any practical trade. The only ____ she possesses is her beauty.

A) something valuable B) asset

C) something pleasing D) womanly virtue

51.He received a ____ from the university in order to continue his research.

A) credit B) grant

C) prize D) reward

52.Several of the off-shore islands are ____ now that we have a motor boat.

A) available B) accessible

C) convenient D) achievable

53.The World Health Organization fights against ____ diseases all over the world.

A) inevitable B) influential

C) infectious D) inferior

54.Of course, for years they ____ moving to the country, getting away from the stress of city life, but nothing ever came out of that talk.

A) talked to B) talked of

C) talked over D) talked round

55.The Indians see little ____ for success and become frustrated, because they usually go to inferior school and often cannot adjust to life in the city.

A) priority B) instinct

C) insurance D) prospect

56.Millions have been made by states, organizations, corporations and individuals ____ gambling activities, and new millionaires are constantly created.

A) sponsoring B) charging

C) interesting D) founding

57.Mother hasn't ____ you for quite some time. She is beginning to think you must be ill.

A) heard out B) heard of

C) heard about D) heard from

58.The three climbers can employ a guide to ____ them on their way up the mountain.

A) guide B) conduct

C) lead D) bring

59.It was a horrible ride through pouring rain,____ he had a puncture and for the last hour had to push the bicycle.

A) as a matter of fact B) even so

C) to make matters worse D) in fact

60.Being without funds, Owen ____ some means of obtaining financial help.

A) cast back B) cast out

C) cast about D) cast off

61.The British ____ with the French in building a plane that neither could afford by itself.

A) associated B) cooperated

C) communicated D) conflicted

62.The thief ____ to shot her if she screamed.

A) banished B) implied

C) indicated D) threatened

63.Sorry, no, I wasn't talking to you. I ____ just ____.

A) was…thinking aloud B) was…thinking ahead

C) was…thinking out D) was…thinking of

64.Only thoroughly unpleasant people leave the ____ of their picnics to spoil the appearance of the countryside.

A) remains B) remainder

C) rest D) remnants

65.The headlights of the approaching car were so ____ that the cyclist had to stop riding.

A) gleaming B) dazzling

C) visible D) light

66.Whenever anything ____ happens, crowd of people is certain to gather.

A) famous B) sensational

C) noted D) emotional

67.One of the attractive features of the course was the way the practical work had been ____ with the theoretical aspects of the subject.

A) embraced B) adjusted

C) alternated D) integrated

68.He was usually very kind so that his sudden ____ greatly surprised us.

A) heartiness B) unhappiness

C) harshness D) uprightness

69.One reason why science is so respected these days is that the image of the scientist is of one who collects data in a(n) ____ search for truth.

A) immense B) impartial

C) punctual D) proportional

70.They are ____ in work, well aware a careless mistake will cost the company millions of pounds.

A) rather casual B) pretty slow

C) meticulous D) really considerate

Part ⅤWriting (30 minutes)

Directions:For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic “The First Impression of My Roommate”. You should write at least 150 words and you should base your composition on the outline( given in Chinese) below:

1. 这是我在大学的第一天。

2. 他(她)就是我的同学。

3. 我仔细打量了他(她),发现……
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